An overview of the services we can provide



Building Acoustics

We carry out building acoustic measurements and design of everything from small renovations to the design of residential and commercial premises . We have software and measuring equipment to be able to undertake all types of projects.



Wind Turbine Noise

Our consultants in wind energy have been working for many years in projects with Sweden's largest wind farm developers, carried out research projects and conducted lectures. We conduct sound propagation calculations in accordance with the calculation model Nord2000 and perform noise measurements ; both sound emission measurements (verification of noise source levels / sound power level) in accordance with IEC 61400-11 and sound imission testing (measurement of noise at residential properties) in accordance with Elforsk 98:24. We also provide expert witnesses for court hearings, community consultation meetings and can support our clients with acoustic advice for procurement of wind turbines.



Aircraft Noise

We provide acoustic advice regarding aircraft noise inside buildings. Our consultants have surveyed and calculated aircraft noise for thousands of residences over the past few years. It has given us practical experience and efficiency that we believe makes us very competetive.  



Industrial Noise

Industrial noise is very broad, spanning from the condenser unit on the roof of your local supermarket to full noise assessments of large manufacturing plants. We can assist you in everything from calculations for your environmental permit application all the way to compliance verifications. We also carry out occupational health and safety assessments. Our consultants have worked with the largest industrial sites in Sweden.



Traffic Noise

We have extensive experience of noise modelling and measurements on road and rail traffic. In our résumés you will find everything from traffic noise predictions for master plans to assessments of mitigation measures through noise measurements. We have provided acoustic advice for residential projects in some of the most noise exposed locations in our country - projects where over-designing the acoustics would be extremely costly. 




To sort the field of acoustics into just five areas cannot be done. There are of course many more areas that we frequently deal with . comfort vibrations, structure-borne noise, noise in the work environment , room acoustics, etc. Contact us to see if we can help you.  


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